An Illustrated Farewell
to Victor Mays  

To say Victor Mays leaves his mark on the town of Clinton is an understatement.

A portrait of Vic Mays by Timothy Reagan was published in a feature story titled, The Magical World of Connecticut Maritime Artists, in Connecticut Magazine in 1990.

A noted maritime artist by profession, Vic designed the Town Seal, wrote and illustrated numerous histories, and left his signature artwork on  signboards and in logos all over town. 

Photo by Marek Sarba

A grateful community gathered at the Henry Carter Hull Library on
March 10 to express their thanks.  Vic is moving to a retirement community in Maine.

                                                 Photo by Marek Sarba

As much as a tribute to Mays, the reception constituted a welcome reunion among Clinton's longtime volunteer set, from which many of Mays' friendships were formed.      

                                                 Photo by JoAnn Dolan

Sponsoring the event  were the Clinton Art Society, Chamber of Commerce, Historical Society, Land Conservation Trust, First Church of Christ and Henry Carter Hull Library, and "50 years of valued friendships."

                                           Photo by Marek Sarba
                 Vic thanks friends for making
                      Clinton his hometown.

Artist Betty Shea and Historical Society member Charlotte Neely expressed the sentiments of many of the attendees, saying they felt privileged to be a part of the elite friendships and admirers of Victor Mays.

Stone Sloop "Wasp" Prints
By Victor "Vic"  Mays

Offered As Fundraiser

In a final salute to the people of Clinton via the Chamber of Commerce, Vic donated prints of his watercolor Stone Sloop "Wasp", under sail in the Indian River in 1876, for a fundraiser.  To check for availability, contact the Chamber.

Acclaimed Pianist to play
In Flynn Classical Concert

Internationally renowned Russian pianist Ekaterina Derzhavina will be the featured artist at The George Flynn Classical Concert on Sunday, March 24th at 4 p.m. in the William Stanton Andrews Memorial Town Hall auditorium.

The concert is free but requires advance reservation.  Tickets are available by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to Flynn Classical Concerts, P. O. Box 473, Clinton, CT 06413, or by calling 860-669-1208.

Acclaimed in Europe as one of the finest pianists of her generation, Derzhavina began playing the piano at the age of 6.

In 1992 she won first prize at the "J.S. Bach International Piano Competition in Germany.  Since 2003 she has been a professor at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory.  She has given regular concerts and master-classes in Germany, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Japan and Russia.

Arte Nova Classics in 1996 released her disc with Goldberg-variations by Bach, which received the 1999 "Choc du Monde de la Musique" award in Paris.  In February 2013 the German label "Profil" released her 9 CD-set of the complete Piano Sonatas by Josef Haydn.

For further information visit:

  March Postings

                                                    Photographs by Dale T Moore

Farewell to Victor "Vic" Mays
Flynn Concerts features Russian Pianist
Passport to Fun at Expo
Pearl's Timeless Essay
Hello Spring!

2012-13 Record Storms
Lead to School Closings

                                                           Photo by JoAnn Dolan

A winter wonderland with close to a foot of snow on March 8th brought school closings to 10 for the school year.  
The list of school closing days are:  5 for a fall hurricane, 1 for a power  outage caused by a wind storm, 3 for the blizzard and 1 for the recent  hoped-for-final snowstorm.

Almanac figures, recorded at Windsor Locks, measure 51.6 of snow since October 1, 2012.  Normal snowfall is 35.5 inches.

               Free Passport to
EXPO's fun & food

The Clinton Chamber of Commerce's 22nd annual Expo will be held on Saturday, March 23 in the Andrews Memorial Town Hall with more than 45 local businesses, civic organizations and restaurants participating.

The free event, open from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., will include a food court featuring at moderate prices tastes of Clinton eateries.  Also featured are free samples, give-aways and prizes at exhibitors' booths.

"Winter Fire", an original painting by Cindy Stevens will be on display at Expo in her Snow's Block booth, also offering original and prints of local scenes, note cards, jewelry and chimes.

There will be a visit from the Easter Bunny for children, and an exhibit of small mammals and reptiles from Meig's Point Nature Center, sponsored by Shoreline Animal Hospital.  

Also special for children will be a strolling magician Bob Hale, sponsored by Pumpkin Patch Child Care.

Clinton Rotary will host an ID Amber Alert program, sponsored by Clinton Insurance Center.

An added feature this year will be a Passport to Expo. Persons having their passport signed at the booths they visit will be eligible for a prize at the end of the event.  

Approximately 20 non-profit and civic groups will be on hand to welcome visitors and explain their organizations.  

For more information, call 860-669-3889 or e-mail


Pearls of Wisdom
from a 1861 Essay

All we know is her name is Pearl and she wrote an essay that is as  relevant today as when it was written in 1861.

Pearl's essay was printed in a school newspaper called The Casket, published by the Clinton Academy.

The Clinton Academy was located in the Academy Building adjacent to the Stanton House, and was a predecessor to The Morgan School which opened
its doors in 1871, 10 years after the printing of Pearl's essay.

Pearl is not listed as a student so presumably the Academy's newspaper was intended for the town's readership, with residents' commentary welcomed.  

The Academy's student body included the names of many familiar early  Clinton families---Hulls, Kelseys, Farnham, Nettleton, Pelton, Vail and Buell.

The principal was W. R. Walkley who also served as instructor in the Classical and English departments.  The Rev. A. E. Denison, M.A. was the math instructor and D. S Babcock taught Vocal and Instrumental Music.
Tuition was charged and was based on choice of curriculum, ranging from $4 to $15 for a term of 11 weeks.

With the opening of The Morgan School, its founder Charles Morgan set up a trust fund that paid the education costs of Clinton students into the 1930's.

Pearl's Timeless Essay    


In this wide, wide world where much ought to be accomplished, who has not something to do?

 Is there not a duty resting upon each individual.  None ought to content themselves with the thought, that it is not much matter whether they do anything or not, because they cannot do great things. 

Even a little grain of sand on the sea shore has its own part to perform, and the little drop of water which helps to fill up the Ocean. Even a child has often even the means of doing a great deal of good.  If we only have the inclination, I think we may all do something.  If we do not wish to do anything for others, we can do something for ourselves.

Though we are all placed here in different situations, and under different circumstances, yet, we have our work to perform, like the little grain of sand.  So are we compared, to the one who created us.  If we are not placed in as favorable circumstances as some others for doing good, so much the more we will have to strive to do something.

The words that we have spoken sometimes, although spoken in a careless and indifferent manner, may often make a great impression upon those who heard them spoken; and who can tell where these impressions will end, and what their results will be. 

Perhaps long after our bodies have moldered in the dust, something which these lips have spoken will be repeated to cheer another traveler on his pilgrimage  Though we cannot do as much as Washington or some other great man, yet we may help others, and do something to cheer those around us. 

Each mortal, though he be weak and feeble, can do something in forwarding and directing the mighty stream of human events as it flows on to the Ocean of Eternity."